Auction - 2018

Date Details Auction Date
27-04-2018 Auction of 16 numbers of Department vehicles at AR Camp, Thiruvananthapuram Rural 11 am on 29-05-2018.
09-04-2018 Auction of Unclaimed vehicles selected for e-auction from Police Stations in Thiruvananthapuram Rural District. e-auction on 16-04-2018.
07-04-2018 Auction of un-serviceable articles kept in AR Camp Pulinkudy 11 AM on 05-05-2018.
31-03-2018 Re-auction of One Mazha Maram at Kadakkavoor Police Station Compound. 11 AM on 24-04-2018.
20-03-2018 Re-auction of 15 Numbers of Trees Standing at the compound of Thiruvananthapurm Rural AR Camp 11 AM on 27-04-2018.
01-02-2018 Re- auction of Two Anjili Trees Standing at the compound of Kattakkada Police Station 11 AM on 20-02-2018.